Download of GovCollect SQL Backup to restore:

Restoring the initial GovCollectSql database to SQL Server

Getting started with GovCollectSql is easy. 

1.  Download the sev.bak file from our FTP server.

2.  You will need the SA password for the customer’s SQL Server.

3.  Launch the SQL Server Management Studio.

a.  Connect to the proper Server and instance of SQL Server.  You may need help from your tech person.

4.  When the Management Studio appears, Right click on the main Entry and select properties.

5.  Click Security and then click on the SQL SERVER AND WINDOWS AUTHENTICATION MODE.  Click OK.

6. Then click DATABASES and Right Click.


8.  Enter the TO: GovCollectSql.

9.  Click FROM DEVICE.

10.  Click the … button.

11.  Pick FILE in the drop down and push the ADD button.

12.  Find your backup file (.bak) and click OK.

13.  You will be back on the main screen.  Then when you see it in the list place a check mark in the RESTORE column.  Click OK and it will tell you when complete.

IF IT IS A BRAND NEW RESTORE AND DATABASE DOES NOT EXIST – just click ok and it will restore.

IF IT ALREADY EXIST AND YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE IT – Go to the OPTIONS page in the TOP LEFT of screen and choose overwrite existing database check mark.  NOT MERGE.

When ready click "OK" and it will do the restore.


Now you have the GovCollectSql database in place.  Next Steps…

11.  Create the system DSN on the server to the data.

22.  With the govcollect product installed, be sure the databaseconnection.udl entry is GovCollectSql.  That will tell the product to look at Sql Server for the data and not the dbf files.

a.  If you have an existing dbf version of govcollect installed, you will want to delete the databaseconnection.udl file in the Govcollect product folder and let it create a new one when you log in next time.

33.  Remember to run the govcollect update so you will download all the files in your govcollect product folder you will need for SQL Server version including many reports.

Once you are ready, the next step is to use the MOVEtoSQL.exe in the product folder.  This will move your dbf files into the GovCollectSql database on Sql Server.

You will probably need to know the SA account password to connect and log in.  (SQL Administrator)

Existing govcollect users

11.  Do the system DSN

22.  Change the UDL (database connection to GovCollect Sql)