When a user creates a supplemental tax bill or performs an assessment correction (exoneration, abatement) after the data has been imported, the system does not update the normal fields at the property level.  This is important to know because your tax bills are printed from the property level data.  The reason the normal fields are not updated is so we can always track any changes.  For example

During original assessment import the Grossamt is updated with the gross assessment value. BUT if a correction is performed when you push the UPDATE PROPERTY button, the t81cwipamt field is updated with the new gross assessment.  This is so the system can easily display an original vs amended assessment changes for the year.

You tax bill format must take this into consideration.  If you print supplementals then the logic where you display the assessment figure would be a formula like:

if T81cwipamt > 0 then T81cwipamt else grossamt

The fields updated when the UPDATE PROPERTY button is pushed are:

replace property->legal1 with assess->legal1
replace property->legal2 with assess->legal2
replace property->t81cwipamt  with assess->grossamt
replace property->t70ftzamt  with assess->exemptamt
replace property->t70ftzcd with assess->exemptcd
replace property->t82ocwpamt  with assess->vvalue
replace property->vin with assess->vin
replace property->t90rcyamt  with assess->netamt
replace property->totst001  with assess->intangable
replace property->totst050  with assess->tangable
replace property->totst150  with assess->levy
replace property->totst450  with assess->reliefamt
replace property->TOTFU450 with assess->LAND_VALUE
replace property->TOTFU050 with assess->IMPROVE