Basic Search within Govcollect

The following instructions are to show the user basic search techniques with in the Govcollect software. We strongly suggest that a new or older user practice with the different search techniques.

1. The first type of search is a PIDN search which is entered at the bottom left of the main screen of Govcollect as shown above highlighted in yellow. If the entire PIDN is know simply enter is as shown in the software in the search for PIDN field and either select search or click enter. The account will appear in the upper presentation window.

2. If you only have the first few characters of the PIDN you can put it in (i.e. 2013) and select search. Keep in mind that this will only show the first 100 accounts.




3. The next type of search is located in the drop down to the right of the PIDN search. There are several selections as to which field you which to choose other than PIDN.


For this example the Mailing Name was selected and SMITH was entered into the search field then search was clicked. Notice at the top of the screen in the Mail Name field there is a listing of all Smiths. Scroll down and select desired account. You may also Just put the First letter in and it would for example pull all of the Mailing Names that started with S. (Shown in image below)






  1. The next type of search is the Advanced Search located as shown highlighted above on the tree. Locate Search and click the (+) and then Select Advanced Search.


The advanced search screen will appear. There are three main sections of this window to which you should pay attention. At the top left the Search on Drop down, directly below that the Enter test for search and then the fields to Return at the bottom of screen.



Using the Search on drop down allows you to search from many more fields and provides a more dynamic searching environment.

Note: Keep in mind that whichever field you choose to use if the field is not populated within your data it will not pull data. This may sound somewhat obvious but Support will received calls asking why the search will not pull up results from a search.


The Enter text for search is then filled in with either the full name if know or the first letter (or first few letters) as it is displayed on the accounts. 




The fields to return check mark selections allows you to select more fields to be pulled from your search. You will notice that the address and company were selected. If you scroll to the firth you will also see the PIDN field which is always selected.

Notice that the search returned display is located under the Results tab. To select the desired account select it and then select the Go to Selected button and it will pull up the account.


This is the End of the Basic Search within Govcollect tutorial.