Instructions on how to Run a report in Govcollect



1. Locate and select the Reports button on the Tree.




2. The Reports selection screen will appear. Double click on the number of the desired application.  (this is for Picture above)


3. Notice that the view has changed and a category list of reports has appeared. For this example Billing will be selected. We suggest that as a user you look at all of the different groups and run all of the reports to see which you may want to use.

4. For this example the Billing Journal by Owner will be selected. This is a detailed report that will show all of the accounts for a specific date Due date range.

5. The above image is the parameter entry screen. Remember that Crystal Reports is Date dependent. If you put in the incorrect parameters you will not pull any data. In the above case it is asking for the Due date start and Due date end.  You can find this information on the charge screen.  Enter the dates in the Discrete Value field (you can either enter the date as shown above or select the drop down and a calendar will appear and you can select it on the calendar.



6. The above image shows the completed report.  You can maximize the report and see the entire page.  The report may also be viewed page by page by clicking the right button just to the left of the binoculars at the top of the screen. If you select the arrow with the vertical lilne next to it you will be taken to the last page of the report.

Note : The report may be printed using the printer icon at the top of the screen and the printer may be selected by choosing the printer selection drop down just above the Lightning bolt to the right of the printer Icon.

Note: The above instruction are for a very basic report. Again we strongly suggest that you run all of the reports and practice using the crystal reports. If you require assistance you may contact Support at 888-553-9991 x-1.