How to Create a New Session in GovCollect

Assign a Default Payment Session – When you log in IF you currently do not have a default payment session open then you will see the session screen below.  A user must have an open default session in order to process payments. 

A. In the box at the bottom of the screen type in a session description and click the CREATE button.

B. This will create a session for you to log your payment in.

C. Push the SET DEFAULT SESSION button to set your session as the default location for your payments.  This is necessary if you have multiple sessions open.  IF you have multiple sessions open, when processing a payment the system will make you select which session you want to post the payment inside.

Click CLOSE after setting your default session and the system will open up.

You can access your sessions inside the system from the TREE (PAYMENTS \ VIEW SESSIONS).

Note:  Something must be entered into the Description field.  (The date can be used as default)

This is where you will go to close a session AFTER it is balanced.