In the Govcollect software the default number of accounts to have returned during a search is 100. If you would like to changed that number making it 

larger so as to pull a larger number of accounts follow the instructions below. 

1.  In your Govcollect locate the System Setup on the tree and click the plus (+) sign. 

2.  Under the System Setup locate and click the Parameter Master Setup button. 

3.  When the parameter master screen opens (as shown above) locate and click the search button ( highllighted in yellow above, it is the button with 

the flash light. 

 4.  After clicking the search button you will notice that the fields at the bottom will be cleared. Locate the parameter Type drop down and scroll to the bottom as shown in the image below. Locate and click the RECORDLIMITPROPERTY. 

5.  Notice that the Paramter Type field is filled in with RECORDLIMITPROPERTY.  Note that the lightning bold button is highlighted above. (this is in image above only, not on the software itself. ) This will launch the search. 

6.  The RECORDLIMITPROPERTY field will be at the top of the screen. Notice the number in the Parameter Data field there is 100. That is the default

amount in the system. You may changed this to any number desired. Please remember, if the number is too large it may effect the performance of software. We have tested up to 500 with no slow down withing SQL version. 

7.  To finish up this process after changing the the number in the parameter data field to desired amount click the save button at the bottom  of screen

(The save button is highlighted above not on the software itself.) After you save you will notice that the number at the bottom (parameter Data) has changed to the new amount. You may now close this window and to have this change take effect close and restart the Govcollect. When you get back in you will notice the changes.