Inside the govcollect product folder is a query tool called BDEADD.EXE. Follow these instructions to extract data and output to csv or excel.

1. Run the bdeadd.exe

2. When screen appears, click the govcollectsql connection in the middle of the screen and all the tables inside that database will appear to the right.

3. In the box to the right pick the DBO.? (? is the table you want to query).

4. Then push the CREATE QUERY button at the bottom.

5. A screen appears allowing you to create a query.

6. On the left are all the fields in the table so hold your CNTRL or SHIFT button and click on all the fields you want in your query.

7. Push the BUILD QUERY BUTTON and it will create your query in the middle window.

8. You can add filters now in the middle window like WHERE

9. You can save this query by clicking SAVE button and giving it a name so you can reuse it.

10.  To run the query push the RUN button.

11. The data will be displayed in a new window.  If you missed a field, close that window and return to the query build screen, add field and re run.

12. Now you can export the data by using one of the functions at the bottom.  Excel is the most common.