Refund using a zero payment

1. Search for the PIDN.

2. Right click View Account Form

3. In the credit field you will either see the amount you want to refund or type it in.

If you type in the amount, when you click out of the field you will see this box. Click OK 

Then you will pick the GL CREDIT entry. Double click on the proper type of credit.

Next click SAVE on the Account and when it returns to a grayed out state. Click the CLOSE button.

Next right click on the PIDN and choose TAKE PAYMENT. 

When the payment screen comes up you will see the message box about your credit amount click NO if you want to REFUND it.

The system changes the payment screen to say your credit amount and the TAKE PAYMENT button changes to REFUND. Click REFUND.

Select REFUND in the drop down box and continue.

Double click on your REFUND gl entry in the box above.

Then the receipt will appear and you are finished.