To Change a field on the front screen grid view of Govcollect follow the below steps. I am changing the m_zip field to the map field

because it is not used for searches often. 

Step 1 - Locate on the tree the System Setup/Grid Parameter Setup..

The Grid Parameter view will open as shown below. 

Step 2 - First on this screen locate the four Direction buttons at the very bottom of the screen. (Directly to the right of the flash light button)

Click the far left button which will take you to the top of the list. Then either scroll down or search looking in the Grid Object Name field for 

PIDNGRID as shown above. 

You will notice in the Field Name field that below the m_state entry it says map. That was originally the m_zip field I has been changed to map. 

You can make any field you wish to see on the front screen. 

Scroll over to the right and Locate the Header field as shown below.

Step 3 - Locate the Header field and and type <Map. It is very important to have the < (greater than sign) infront of the word or the grid will fail. 

Depending upon the size of the field the padding field will have to made larger to accommidate the changes.

Click the Green check mark button which will save the changes and get out and back in to refresh to check the changes. 

You can them check the field on the front screen to see the new field is there.