1.  On the tree locate the system setup and below that the Parameter Master Setup and select it. 

2.  The Parameter Master Screen will appear as shown below. 

Select the button with the blue funnel on it that is circled in red. 

Notice in the image above that there is a blank line at the top of the screen and the fields at the bottom are blank. 

3.  Select the Parameter Type drop down and scroll to the bottom. 

Select the PROPERTYSEARCHLIST as shown above. 

 Then select the button with the lightning bolt. This will move your view to the correct portion

of the parameter master as shown below. 

4.  At this point choose a field that you would not usually search by. You may us the zip field or in this case we are using the Phone field. 

Locate the parameter data field in the image above and locate line nine. There is a red line beneath the L_PHONE entry. Notice that it is in brackets. The information in the brackets is the actual field name that the system uses and the information  to the left of the bracket is the tag that will show up on the search drop down. 

Enter the name of the field you wish to search for in the brackets and the name you want to show up on the search drop down to the left of the brackets. When that is complete locate and select the button with the green check mark that is circled in red. That will save your changes. Then click the button circled in blue which will reset the parameter master screen then you may close the screen. 

5.  You may now use the search drop down on the main screen and will find the new search entry listed there. 

This process is now complete.