STEPS for a Shutoff

1. Make sure the recalc has been run so pidns are current.

2. Run the delinquent master to build the data. (tree / delinquent.  Push button to gather delinquent accounts.)

3. In the reports run \ all \ delinquent \ utility delinquent list by route  (Usually run delinquent by owner.)

4. This will identify the delinquent PIDNs.

5. You decide which you want to shutoff.

6. Search for the pidn, click on it.  Right click and choose Make Shutoff.  Wait for system to tell you it is done and click OK.  That changed the pidn status to Shutoff and inserted the date..

7. On the reports menu Utility \ maintenance run the shut off list and give to the workers to shutoff those accounts.

If you send a letter first then run the Shut off Letter first.

The shutoff status is controlled by you and that is what qualifies the PIDN for the shutoff list and letter.