This is a very easy process to get a list or print letters of your delinquent accounts.

STEPS for a Delinquent List and Letters

1. Make sure the recalc has been run so pidns are current. (This makes sure the charge lines have Past Due in the type and qualify for the reports.

2. Run the delinquent master to build the data. (Tree \ Delinquent - Just push the build button)

3. The system will build a table called delinquentmaster that your reports and letters will look at.  You can rerun this build button each time to get the latest deliqnuent data.

3. In the reports run \ all \ delinquent \ utility delinquent list by route.

4. In the reports run \Your forms\Utility\Delinquent Letter (if you have a custom letter.)

You can always decide which letters you want to or don't want to print.