The below is an explanation of the how to setup a formula in the tran code basis field. 


all tables start with _app.qas

_app.qpr.sql = "select * from"


_app.qtr.sql = "select * from dbo.tran_file where id = :pidn and calc_type <> 'Paid'"


_app.qsv.sql = 'select * from dbo.service where pidn = :id and service = :tran_code'


_app.qtc.sql = 'select * from dbo.tranctl where tran_code = :tran_code'


_app.qas.sql = 'select * from dbo.assess where pidn = :id and tax_year = :tax_year'


*In your trancodes, Vance adds the Where stuff above behind the scene to make it work.

To get a value this is what your tran code looks like: