You can add unlimited notes in your Govcollect system.

Adding a Note:

1. Locate the PIDN you want to add a note to.

2. On that PIDN, right click and click View Note  or in the TREE click ACCOUNT DETAILS / VIEW ATTACHMENTS


3. In the Notes screen, you pick a note type from the drop down and add a reference if you want to.  Then push the ADD NEW RECORD button and a new  line will appear with the date, time, user, etc.

4. In the box titled NOTES, type in whatever you want and push the SAVE RECORD button when complete.  If you want to attach a file to the note click on the STORED DOCUMENTS TAB and upload it.

REPORTS - There are note reports based upon the date that you can run from the reports menu.


If this is an important note, you can go to the Account Details form for that PIDN and place a check mark in the ACCOUNT WARNING box.  Then anytime you access that PIDN a warning will appear that you have Notes to read on that PIDN>