Govcollect has the ability to import bulk items into the notes area.  The common example of this process is when you want to attach a bunch of pdfs to individual PIDNs in the system.  The process is easy BUT the format of the pdf name must be correct.

Follow this process.

1. When you are creating your bills, print the bills as a PDF.  You will need a pdf driver installed to create the pdf.  The pdf will be 1 file that contains all of your bills.

2. Using a pdf splitter like  A-PDF Content Splitter at  You will create an easy template that looks at the big pdf and it separates the big pdf into individual pdfs called CITYNAME_PIDN. 

3. With your individual pdfs made, not perform the IMPORT into GovCollect.



1. Click System Setup \ Organization \ Edit Custom Controls

2. Click the Build Notes PDF in top right



3. The CHOOSE DIRECTORY box appears.  Navigate to find the folder you put all of the individual pdfs in and click on it.  A typical one is c:\capsoft\govcollect\bill_history.  Then click OK

4. A box appears asking you to confirm that you want it to look for files that end in .pdf.



5. The next box pops up and says enter the TYPE TO BE RECORDED.  This is the type of NOTE category.  Type “Bill” if you are importing a bill.



6. The Next pop up box appears and asks you to type a reference such as “2016 Tax Bills”



7. Last pop up allows you to enter a NOTE if you want for this entry.



8. The system will display a progress box telling you which file it is processing.

9. When complete, notepad will launch and display the results.  It will tell you if any did not import correctly.  Most common is a bad file name.  Remember the name should be a WORD followed by an UNDERSCORE followed by the PIDN.




10. If you go into a PIDN \ View Notes you will see an entry that looks similar to this.




11. If you click on the stored documents tab, you can click View and view their pdf.