Creating Bulk Filing table entries can save you a bunch of time. The process is easy and takes only minutes.

Users, apply the bulk filing so that all the pidns in a cycle will have an entry applied to their account that is visible for online processing. Typical examples are monthly sales tax, quarterly payroll tax and annual returns.

1. In the TREE, click License and Tax \ Create Filing Due Entries



2. On the Filing Control screen that appears, you will work from top to bottom.  First click the Gather Cycles button and wait for the system to return data.



3. The system scans you service table and returns all the different CYCLE/STATUS combinations that it finds. 

4. It is up to you to click on the proper cycle that you want to apply filing charges to.  In the picture above, LA | Active is highlighted.  I put a cycle of LA on all my License Accounts that file Annual.

5. Next enter the dates that will be associated with these new filing table entries you are creating. Include the tax year as well.  It is a grouping tool.

6. If you have special descriptions in the service fields then keep the check mark for “Use Service Record Description.”  When in doubt leave it checked.

7. With the dates filled in, push the GATHER TRANSACTIONS button and wait for the text to appear next to the tax year saying the transactions are ready.



8. Optional – If you want to see the accounts that this will create filing entries for then click on the REPORTS tab. Highlight the Transaction Prepost by Account and Run Report.

9. On the Filing Tab, click the MOVE TO FILING button and the system will place those entries into the FILING table.  They are ready for mailing forms and can be visible to customer in online portal now.


IF you want to view the result, just go to an account, right click and click VIEW FILING. You will see the new filing entry ready for you to process.