GovCollect FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is GovCollect?
Answer - GovCollect is a municipal revenue collection software solution.  It is made up of core functions shared throughout the software such as security, payment processing, balancing / accounting integration, billing, auditing, adjustment/reversals and then the user is allowed to add specific data modules such as real and personal property taxes, utility billing, business licensing and more. 

2. How does GovCollect work?
Answer - For over 10 years we designed and maintained separate municipal revenue software for each type of revenue.  For example utility billing was separate from property taxes.  Our software is very successful and used nationally.  We learned from our customers that their jobs normally reach into each type of revenue so we began to standardize all the processes between the separate products.  For example, a user takes a payment or adjusts a charge the exact same way in all products.  Then we began to combine the applications into a centralized product known as GovCollect.  We combined all the standardized pieces like payment processing and added in all the items unique to our revenue modules.  For example, we incorporated all our utility billing meter reading, deposit processing and move in / move out functionality.  One piece at a time we tested to insure that we had all the great existing features with the benefits of the new combined GovCollect approach.

3. What are the benefits of GovCollect All-in-One design?
Answer - The number one benefit is office efficiency.  With security, a user can access information for a customer about any of that customer's services with the municipality.  Another benefit is data sharing.  With GovCollect's unique Customer and Location attachment, a user can cross reference any activity assigned to a customer and a location.  Imagine easily viewing all revenue activity history and outstanding fees for a customer. Users also enjoy increased collection rates with improved customer service.

4. Do you have to change your existing accounting software that you love?
Answer - No you do not need to change your existing accounting software.  We save our customers thousands of dollars allowing them to use the accounting software they already have and enjoy.  Small users like products like Quickbooks and do not want to change.  Bigger users would be forced to enter a terrible RFP process is they had to change out all their software.  GovCollect interfaces with your accounting software.  You will balance deposit entries and either import a file into your accounting or enter a simple journal entry from your GovCollect balancing reports.

5. Is your operation unique requiring custom software?
Answer - The most common misconception is that a municipality believes their process is unique.  Forms and calculation methods do not make you custom.  The GovCollect parameter driven design allows you to personalize the process to meet your needs without you being on the dreaded "custom island."  GovCollect allows you to successfully personalize.

6. What computer hardware do I need to run GovCollect?
Answer - PC and Network setup can be easy but you should always include your network professional familiar with your current setup.  If you want to install GovCollect in a traditional client/server network design on your equipment then you should reference these minimum specifications.  Govcollect can also be used in the following setup:
A. On a single PC
B. On a virtual server (citrix, vmware, terminal services)
C. Data hosted on GovCollect's server with VPN access from your pc.

7. Can I add new modules at any time?
Answer - Yes you can add new modules as your municipal revenue needs change.  Simply contact us and we will enable the desired module or create a custom module for your operations.

8. Is Tech Support available?
Answer - Yes, support is included.  You have toll free phone support and we can remote into your desktop if you want assistance.  Plus you receive software updates to keep you current with the changing technology in our products and the world.