Please follow the written instructions as well as this helpful installation video for installing GovCollect on a server.

*The GovCollect software must be installed at least once on a server.  If you are an existing customer, you can not just copy the files from an old server onto the new server.  You must first install the product on the new server and then you can copy the old govcollect folder into the new location.

Installation on a Server or Stand alone workstation.

1. . If prompted, use login govcollectsetup and no password.

2.       Watch our installation video for a great install and exploration experience.

3. Download the latest System Update Program into your GovCollect Product Folder: 

4. Run the UPDATESYSTEM.EXE file from inside the govcollect product folder.  This will contact our webserver and download all the latest files for your system.  When the update is finished, a text file of the results will be displayed.  Close it and continue.

5. Inside the govcollect product folder, run the maintinance.exe file.  This will take a couple of minutes.  When the screen disappears, it is finished.

IF THIS IS INSTALLED ON A SERVER THEN DO STEP 6, if single user go to step 7.
6. Before logging in for the first time, create a Network SHARE DRIVE called govcollect and map a drive letter like S:\ to that share folder. This will keep everything consistent whether you get into the software on the server or from a workstation. Create an icon on the server to the product that would look like s:\govcollect.exe.

7.      Watch the Getting into GovCollect below for the first time Video to be sure you enter the information correctly.
WARNING: THE FIRST TIME YOU LOG IN, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CREATE A CUSTOMER RECORD. Fill out the form and SUBMIT it. That will create your account with us and you will receive an email with an attachment called CONTROL.TXT. Do not open that file or you will corrupt it. Just save that file into the govcollect product folder and you will be able to access the system.

Then watch this video before entering the system for First time users.


With the installation on the server complete, the next steps are:

1. Setup the nighttime Scheduled Tasks for maximum performance.

2. Map network drive from workstations and then perform workstation installation on all computers.

3. Begin configuring the GovCollect system to your preferences.