In Govcollect, after you have entered a batch of payments you can run a pre post report for that batch.  Follow these instructions.

1) On the left side of the navigation tree locate "Payments" and scroll down to "Batch." This will look like the following illustration:


2) Once you have hit "batch" a window will appear with the following content. On the batch main menu (minimize the govcollect landing page if it is in front of the batch page) PAY ATTENTION to the SELECT TYPE in the top right.  Normal Batch is an outstanding batch of payments that HAVE NOT been posted yet.  Also in the drop down is POSTED so you can see batches you have already posted.

Unposted - BH#
Posted - P_BH#


1. Click "Print Batch Report."  That moves the specific batch data into a generic BATCH table that we can look at for the report.  
2. On your landing pad tree click REPORTS.  Then Click ALL, then Click BATCH.  Then #4 session detail.
3. This report will look at the batch table and display the data that is currently in it and ready to POST.