On an abatement, you are adding a new assessment record and then adjusting the charge lines based on the new assessment record.
1. Search for the account.  Once located, click on the account and do the following from the landing pad search area.
2. Right Click and Choose View Assessment.  That will launch the assessment screen.
3. Click on the Assessment entry you want to exonerate and then Click the ADD EXONERATION FOR SELECTED ASSESSMENT.
4. On the small EXONERATE box that appears, the ASSESSMENT ID should be "XDATE" (date being today's date YEAR/MO/DA). Select a type, an exemption code if you want and a reason.  Then press close.
5. A new assessment record will appear (it is a copy of the one you had highlighted).  Change this record to reflect the new exonerated amounts.  Then push the UPDATE PROPERTY button.  Then CLOSE button.
6. The system will ask if this exoneration is for the current year.  Answer yes if it is for the current year and no if it is not.
7. A new record will appear on your assessment screen.  You can close the assessment screen and you will be looking at the main landing page with that same account still highlighted.
With your assessment portion complete, you need to adjust the tax charges you applied to the account already.
1. Right click on the account and choose PREPAYMENT ADJUSTMENT and the PREPAYMENT CHARGES ADJUSTMENT form will appear.
2. You can only adjust one line item at a time so if you have more than one charge line you will repeat these steps for each line item.
3. In the box to the left displaying your charges, click on the line to adjust.
4. In the top left, click the drop down in the SELECT ASSESSMENT box and you will see the XDATE exoneration assessment entry you completed earlier.
5. In the calculation type select PROPORTIONAL.
6. The effective Date will say today.  You can change it if necessary but normally this is left alone.
7. In the SELECT A TYPE OF ADJUSTMENT box select the preferred type (if you do not see a type you want then you need to go setup your adjustment types in the system control of GovCollect).
8. You can type a note in the NOTES box if you want.
9. With steps 3 thru 9 filled out, push the TEST CALCULATE button.  Then in the BIG TEXT box scroll down and you will see the BEFORE and AFTER amounts.  If you agree then you are ready to proceed.
10. Push the CALCULATE and POST button.  The screen will flash for about 10 seconds.  You may see the fast progress bar.  You are finished.  Repeat steps 3 to 10 if you have additional charge lines.
When you CLOSE the adjustment form and are on the landing pad.
1. Right click and choose VIEW CHARGES.  You will see the charges on that account and the ADJUSTMENT column will have the values filled in.  The way the system works is the NORMAL is lowered or raised by the adjustment amount.  (Original NORMAL would be NORMAL + ADJUSTMENT).
2. You can also right click on the landing pad and select Recalculate Charges if you want but the adjustment process performs a recalculation as part of the process.
These are the instructions for an exoneration / abatement with a prepayment adjustment.  Next you may want to print a billing statement or instant statement.