Create Brand New Customer Records for Every Account in GovCollect.
Follow these easy instructions.  The result will create a CUSTOMER record for each of your property records so you can search by name in a fast and easy manner.
1. Inside Govcollect, in the TREE on the left, scroll down to the AUDIT option.  
2.  click the + and see the options under Audit.  CLICK CUSTOMER MATCH.
3.  The Customer Match form appears.
4. At the top pick your sytem.  PROPERTY for property tax, LICENSE for LICENSE customers, UTILITY for utility customers.
5. At the very bottom right, click the PRODUCE CUSTOMER RECORDS FOR ENTIRE FILE.
6. A progress bar will be displayed and when the system is finished a pop up box will display how many accounts were created.
NOTE:  This process is typically used when a customer is first getting started and has imported property account level data from an old system or a tax assessment file.  The purpose of this process is to take the name and mailing information on each account and CREATE a customer record in the customer_table in govcollect.  This will assign a customer number to the customer record which you can reuse on other new accounts like utilities, permits, etc. purchased by this same customer.  The result enables you to link multiple accounts to a single customer record.
SEARCHING:  After this process is run, you can use the SEARCH \ CUSTOMER option in your TREE.  IF you do not do this process, you will need to use the ADVANCED SEARCH to be able to search by NAME or anything beside the account PIDN.