Adding or Editing a user in GovCollect is easy. Follow these steps to add a new user to the system.

Note - when installing using the server and workstation setup programs, the install will automatically create a record for your computer name in the security file. You will still need to create an individual user name the first time you enter the system as ADMINISTRATOR.
  1. Click on Security and Edit/Change Users
  2. security1.PNG
  3. Click on the Add Row button (plus sign button)
  4. security2.PNG
  5. Type in the User Id in CAPITAL LETTERS then press Tab.  This is your user name with no spaces.  Spaces in the computer name in this field will cause an error in the system.  If your computer login name has spaces you need to create a new user on your pc with no spaces in the name. When the user logs in it is not case sensitive so they will be able to enter lower case.
  6. Select their security group from the drop down.  You must place them in a security group.
  7. Type in a descriptive User Name press Tab.  This field is a description.  For example you may want to type in a user’s full name.  For login purposes the system uses the User Id.
  8. Type in the Terminal ID (These should be unique to each user and 000 is reserved).  The terminal Id is used to identify transactions performed by each user.  It is standard to start with 001 and increase by 1 for each user.  It is recommended to keep a list of your terminal id numbers.  That will help you when running payment activity reports. If you are unsure just click on a different entry and look at those ID.
  9. LEAVE THE PASSWORD FIELD BLANK.  The system will make the user set up a password the first time they log in.  Click out of the password field and then click the Save Button.  
  10. On the EMAIL tab locate the print driver field at the bottom.  Right click and find your default printer.
  11. Be sure to click the SAVE check mark button.
  12. Continue to the next user and repeat these steps or exit out of security to enter the program.
  13. *Note – If the system informs you of an “invalid password” when you attempt to login after adding a new user, log back into the system as administrator and make sure that the system encrypted the password assigned to the user

Note - If you do not want a user to access the system any longer you can either delete their security entry (minus button) or delete their security group entry.  Just delete what is in the group field and save.