Logging into GovCollect SQL Server Version

1. Log into Govcollect.

2. A new login screen will appear. (We have split the login from the session numbers). Type your user name in (sunrise) and the first time you enter the system will automatically take you to a screen to type in a new password. Passwords are case sensitive and you can use numbers as well.

3. After you type in the new password and submit, the system will take you back to the login screen. Type your user name and password and click log in.

4. Assign a Default Payment Session – When you log in IF you currently do not have a default payment session open then you will see the session screen below.  A user must have an open default session in order to process payments. 

A. In the box at the bottom of the screen type in a session description and click the CREATE button.

B. This will create a session for you to log your payment in.

C. Push the SET DEFAULT SESSION button to set your session as the default location for your payments.  This is necessary if you have multiple sessions open.  IF you have multiple sessions open, when processing a payment the system will make you select which session you want to post the payment inside.

Click CLOSE after setting your default session and the system will open up.

You can access your sessions inside the system from the TREE (PAYMENTS \ VIEW SESSIONS).

This is where you will go to close a session AFTER it is balanced.

Setting up security

In the TREE click security, user groups. The screen below will appear.

1. You can edit an existing group by selecting the group from the drop down and clicking edit. 

2. To Create a new group type in a group name, place check marks in the application types this user can view and click the BUILD button.  The system will display a “Build Finished” message so you can continue.  One the group is built, go to step one and edit your group.

Clicking EDIT will reveal the setup screen.  To personalize the RIGHT CLICK MENU (POP) and the TREE MENU available to a user, simply move the options from the LEFT (ACTIVE) to the RIGHT (INACTIVE).  Any options left on the LEFT side will be ACTIVE for that group.

Click CLOSE when finished. You can edit these functions at any time.

After groups are setup, you can assign an existing user to a group. 

1. In the TREE click SECURITY / USERS.

2. Click on each user and simply pick the group from the drop down you want to assign that user.

3. After assigning the group, click the Check mark button to SAVE your entry. 

Upon login, the user will be assigned the new group rights

If you have any questions please contact support 888-553-9991 x-1.