How To Change Account Type Setup or Modification

Account Type Parameters control and let you create new accounts in the system and the default values on those accounts.  It must exist in this list in order for you to select a type during ADD NEW ACCOUNT process.  If you are trying to add a new type for a APPLICATION you did not purchase then please contact support and we will provide pricing and activate the APPLICATION for you.

1. Locate "System Setup" on your Navigation Tree and under system setup click "Account Type Parameters."

2. When you click "Account Type Parameters" a browse window will appear that looks like this:

These are all of the accounts to choose from, if a type of account is not presented on the form contact GovCollects support team.
3. By clicking on the different types of accounts, you will see different tabs at the bottom that include "Grid, Basic, Form 1,2, and 3."
4. Lets start with the "Basic" Tab which will look like this:
  •  As you can see the fields such as "Application, Type, Description" which refers to that type of account.  The table and form names allow GovCollect to be customized to any type of revenue and specialty fields that you want to collect.  The values entered in these fields are normally setup with technical support and then not changed.
  • The main area to look at are the following four fields: "PIDNPrefix, PIDNSuffix, PIDNAutoNumber, and PIDNSequencedNumber."

As you can see the PIDNPrefix has "AN" in that field, a check mark in the PIDNAutoNumber and "6" in the PIDNSequenceNumber. This is going to help you organize your records as they are created.   So when you add a new  "Animal"  record it would be filled in as PIDNPrefix-AN and PIDNSequenceNumber 7. So when you pull up all of your Animal Accounts they will start with AN and be in numerical order. We recommend having the PIDNAutoNumber checked to help keep you organized with all of your accounts.

Next we have the "Form 1,2,3" Tabs. When you click on "Forms 1" you will see the following image:defaultsystem6.PNG


In these tabs you can assign up to 18 unique forms that are used for each type.
Lets just look at the following fields DocumentName_1,2, and 3. The following fields include "Original License" "Reprint License" and "Renew License"  these forms create the list you will use when printing out forms.

Document Name - what you want to appear when selecting from list in system.
Document Queries - The query that runs to gather the data when printing form.
Document rptName - The crystal report launched when you want to run this form.
Document Sequence Number - This increases by 1 each time the form is run in the system.

If you make any changes, click the Check mark SAVE button on the GRID tab before closing the form.