How To Change the Effective Date Before Taking Payment

It is common to need to back date a payment to recognize it during a different date for items like discounts and penalties.

Here are the steps to change the effective data before you take a normal payment.

1) First, on the landing page with the account highlighted yellow, right click on the account you wish to change the date before payment.
2) When you right click on the account you will see a full menu of options. Scroll down to the option called "Recalculate Charges" and click it. Once you click Recalculate Options this screen below will appear:

3) Change the date to the day you want to pretend it is, hit recalculate, and then proceed to take payment as normal.  The system records two dates; posting date (the real day of the payment) and effective date (the day you are pretending it is).
This is the easy, friendly way to change the effective date before processing a payment.