How to Take Single Payment Processing

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Take a single payment 

If you are having trouble viewing the video, please refer to the article below to show you step by step of taking a single payment:

The following steps will demonstrate how to make a single payment in the product:

1) Highlight the account that you wish to take a payment, make sure it is turned yellow. That means the account is highlighted. 

2) Once you have the account highlighted look at the tree and under "payments" press "Take Normal Payment." You could also have the account highlighted and RIGHT CLICK on the account and it will give you a list of options where the user will highlight "Take Payment" which will also take them to the payment screen.


Once you hit "Take Normal Payment " the following window will appear:

3) This is the payment screen. On the left hand side there is a field that says "Total Amount to be paid." This will show you the total amount that is owed. In this example, this is the $131.90. If the user looks to the right they will see "Type of Payment." The user will click on the drop down menu under "Type of Payment" and choose the payment type the customer is using. Once a user click on the type of payment they want they will type in the "Amt of Payment." Also, if you right click in the same box it will automatically put in the total amount due so the user does not have to type in it. Once the amount is entered the user will click "Add to List." Please look at the following window as an example.

4) In this example above the user has a total balance of $131.90. The user would have clicked on "Cash" in the "Type of Payment" drop down menu. The user paid the full amount of $131.90 and clicked "Add to List." Once the user clicked "Add to List" they will see the balance due in RED to the right of "Add to List." Since the user paid the full amount it says "131.90/0.00."  This shows the user has paid in full and does not owe anything. If the user were to pay with multiple payments. for example part cash and part credit card it will look like the following.


5) In this window under "List of Payment Types and Amounts" You can see the user paid $50.00 in cash and $81.90 with a credit card. To do this the user did the same thing as before:  click "Type of Payment" and in this example chose "Cash" and entered in $50.00 in the "Amt of Payment" field and clicked "Add to List." Then went back and clicked "Credit card" in the "Type of Payment" drop down menu and entered in $81.90 in the "Amt of Payment" field and again chose "Add to List." 

6) Once the payments equaled the total amount which was $131.90 the customer will click "Take Payment."

** Be sure to look at the two areas towards the bottom of the screen that say "Private Payment Notes" and "Public Payment Notes." The private notes will only show up to the users and not the customers BUT if you want something to show up on the receipt you could type it in to the public payment notes and it will show up on the customer receipt.

7) Once you click on "Take Payment" a receipt will show up like the following picture. 





8) This is the payment receipt. This will show the customer what they paid for, the amount they paid, and what the payment was made with with a few other details.