How to Process Multiple Payments

In this article you will find out how easy it is to process multiple accounts on a single payment.  The idea of multiple payments means you want to combine multiple outstanding balances from different accounts into one payment to be processed in a single payment transaction.  Please follow the simple steps below to take multiple payments.

1) To highlight the accounts you wish to make please click on the account and hold down "SHIFT" and at the same time "left click on the mouse." This will turn the account from yellow to green. Please refer to the picture below.

**IF you happen to highlight the wrong account all you have to do is hold the "SHIFT" button and left click the mouse to turn the account back to yellow.

2) Once you go through and highlight all the accounts you wish to take payments on please refer to the tree on the left. Under "Payments," select "Mark for Multiple Account Payment" Please refer to the picture below.


3) One you click on "Take Multiple Account Payments" you will be present with this window:


4) This is the normal payment payment window. At the top of the window is where it will show you the accounts you highlighted to take the payments for. 


1) If you repeat step #1 from above and highlight an account you can search for other accounts by holding down "ALT" and left clicking your mouse. When you do this, a window will appear like the one below.

2) Here you will be able to search for accounts by typing in the PIDN in the area circled in red or scanning in a bar code.

3) Once you search and find the account you wish click "Add to List." 

4) When you have found all the accounts you wish to take payments for click "Take Payment."

5) This will take you back to the normal payment screen where you will take payments as usual. 

Note - The payment process in GovCollect is always the same.  The only part that may change is the first step that gathers or processes the accounts you want to pay.