How to make a Earnings Return Based Payment

An earnings or return based payment is any payment that requires the user to enter data on the fly in order for the system to calculate the amount due.  This is common in sales tax, business license, gross receipts, income tax, permits and more.

1) When the return is received from the customer, search for the account.  Then highlight the account you wish to make a payment.
2) After you are finished highlighting the account, look at the navigation tree on the left hand side and under "Payments" click "Enter Earnings" such as the picture below:


3) Once you click on "Enter Earnings" a browse window will appear that looks like the following:
*Hint - On every charge line is a check mark field called "ask read (enter earnings)."  A line HAS To be checked in order for it to show up in the box below.  If you do not see your line item when you click ENTER EARNINGS, the line item either is missing the check mark or already has earnings entered on it.  Check your charge line and correct it.


4) Here you will enter in the Gross Earnings, Exclusions or deductions, if there is a discount you may insert check mark and enter discount amount if not an automatic calculation.  Enter the filing date for your records.

5) Once you are finished filling in the table you will hit the "Calculate" button, which will do all the necessary calculations. *Hint, you can change the EFFECTIVE date field prior to pushing the Calculate button.

6) Once you hit "
" you will see in the bottom table called "Calculated Charges" the charges GovCollect has calculated for you.

7) After your charges are calculated you are ready to take a payment. Hit the "Close and Payment" button and the following payment window will appear:


8) Here you will see on the left hand side the "Total Amount to be Paid" and the "Type of Payment."

9) Under "Type of Payment" you can choose from the list such as cash, check, etc. and are able to take multiple payments such as paying part cash and part credit.

10) Once you choose the type of payment you are able to enter the amount you wish to pay with that type of payment and click "Add to List."

11) Once the charges reach $0.00 you are ready to click "Take Payment."