How to Make Payments Using the Filing Code Entry Method

The filing code method is an advanced form of earnings return based filings for customers that are presented options and may file differently each time.  For example, if you are a county that collects taxes for 10 different cities in your county, you must be flexible for businesses that work in City 1 one year and City 2 the next year.  Using a filing code to group all the possible tran codes that you want to present together making your processing flexible no matter how the customer files.

1) First search and highlight the account you wish to make a payment.

2) After you are finished highlighting the account, look at the navigation tree on the left hand side and under "Payments" click "View/Enter Filing" such as the picture below:


3) Once you click on "View/Enter Filing" a browse window will appear that looks like the following:


4) Once you are on the "Filing" browse table, You will see any filings by due date that this customer has outstanding.  If you do not see an outstanding filing, you can add one manually by clicking the ADD NEW FILING button.  All the rest of the steps are similar.  

In this example, we will ADD A NEW filing so you can see those steps:

Please "Select a Filing Type." Here you can choose "Original,extension, amend, or final."

5) Once you have selected the filing type, click "Add New Filing," and the following browse window will appear:


6) Highlight the type of filing you want to add to this account and fill out the proper dates for that type of filing. It will use these dates on the line item it creates.  Once you have hit the option that applies to you, click "Create Filing."

7) The system will add the new filing entry to this users account.  Now let's actually process the filing entry we just created. Select filing type from drop down on the bottom, Right click the account under "Number Account." When you do this, your account number will turn green such as the following:

The green color tells the system this is the entry you want to work with.  

8) After the account number is turned to green, left click twice.  To enter the filing data.

9) The system will display the tran codes you are grouping with this Filing Code Name.  In our example, you would see the tran code for City 1 and City 2.  You simply right click on any number of cities the customer is filing for and then double click on a GREEN entry once you have all the cities selected.

10) The system will automatically roll to the ENTER EARNING form which you have already learned about.

the key to successfully using GovCollect is to learn that if your process requires something special, it is simply added to the front of the overall enter earnings / payment process but the payment process is the same for everyone.  This approach keeps everything consistent for payment entry.