It is important to remember that whenever you are taking payments, they are part of a session. After you balance that session you close it and start into a new session. Here is a short, easy video to help you balance a session in GovCollect.

Session Balancing in GovCollect

 If you have trouble with the video, this article will show you the appropriate steps to balancing a payment session as well:

The following document will include the process of balancing as well as refer to the picture above to show you what is happening on the data side of balancing. 


1. Please refer to the tree in the product and under "balancing" hit "balance session" Such as the picture below:

2. Once the user clicks "balance session" the following window will appear:

3. Once on this window the user will select the system they wish to gather sessions from in the top left window and click "Gather Sessions"

4. Next. the user will select the session # they want to balance and highlight it and click "Gather Transactions"

-REMEMBER, all charges & payments are done within a session and each session has a # and is assigned to a user. 

5. Once the transactions are gather, in this example there is a transaction count 252, the user will continue to "REPORTS" tab. Please refer to the picture below: 

6. Once on the REPORTS tab will select the report the wish to run and click "RUN SELECTED REPORT"

7. When the user runs the report a window will able saying "FILE: REPORT_NAME NOW READY." The user should press OK

8. Once the user presses "OK" the Crystal Report will appear like the one below:

9. This is the "SESSION TERMINAL BALANCE." It contains the receipt #, every transaction, payment type, etc. When the user is finished looking over the report they will close it out and go to the "REPORTS" tab such as the window below:

10. On the DEPOSIT tab the user will click "GET DEPOSIT AMOUNT." This will bring up the following two windows. 

11. The window above is the COUNTED AMOUNT. It shows you the amounts of each type of payment.

REMEMBER: Above is the "BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER" and the "BANK NAME". In this example they are both not set up but to set these up the user would go to "SYSTEM SETUP" and go to "BANK DEPOSIT SETUP" to set these things up. 

12. The user will close out of the COUNTED AMOUNT and the "BANK DEPOSIT SUMMARY." This will show you a total of all the deposits. When the user is finished, close out of the BANK DEPOSIT SUMMARY.


13. Once the user closes out of the bank deposit summary, return to the previous DEPOSIT tab.

14. Once the user returns to the DEPOSIT tab the user will press "RECORD YOUR DEPOSIT." This will show that the 

transactions were updated and the use will move on to the  "BALANCED" tab. Please refer to the window below:


16. When the user clicks MARK SELECTED SESSION AS BALANCED the following question will appear asking if the user is sure they want to balance that deposit file. Select YES.

17. Once the user selects YES they will be taken back to the previous screen. After the user selects the deposit file and marks it as balanced. The screen will say "NO FILES FOUND."  The G/L Session Control may now be closed.