The New Account function is used to create new accounts for accounts you will reuse and for miscellaneous transactions that you will process a single payment and not use again.  You have one spot to start and use the wizard to make sure you can quickly process.

The Wizard allows you to pick and assign an existing customer and location onto this new account or simply type in a name to appear on the payment receipt without setting up a customer record.

How to Use the New Account Setup Wizard

1. Please refer to the navigation tree located on the left hand side. Under "Balancing" you will see "New Account Setup." Please refer to the picture below:


2. Once you have clicked "New Account Setup" a browse window will appear such as the picture below.

Step 1 of the wizard is easy.

A. In the application list pick what application you want to pick from.

B. In the Account Type select the type of account you want to create.

C. If you want to pick an existing Customer Record (from the customer_table) click the "From Customers" function.  A screen will appear allowing you to search and select the customer you want to assign.

D. If you want to pick an existing Location Record (from location_table) click the "From Locations" function.  A screen will appear allowing you to search and select the customer you want to assign.

3. Once you have selected the application and account type click the right arrow and this will take you to the next step which will look like the picture below.  If default services are an available option for the type of account you are creating you can select the services you want applied to this new account.

4. Please follow the instructions in the browse window to add services to your type of account. Remember that you can add more than one service to a type of account. When you are finished click the right arrow to move to the next step. 

5. If the type of account you are setting up has a list of possible on-the-fly charges then you will see the list of possible charges you can pick from.  This is very common if you are creating a miscellaneous account for a on-the-fly payment.  Select the charges you want to add from the list and click next arrow.  The next step will look like the picture below.

6. If you have selected an account type that is auto numbered then you will not be able to enter an account number at the top.  

If you selected from the customer table then you are done.  If you want to enter customer info that will appear on the record but not in the customer_table for future use then fill in the name address fields.

If you need to go back at any time click the left arrow. 

When you are finished with creating your account click "Create Account."  The account will be created and the detail form will be displayed in case you want to edit the account or process a payment.