How to create the file to Export to your Accounting Software.

1. Please refer to your navigation tree on the left hand side of GovCollect. On the tree you will see "Balancing" and under balancing you will click "Accounting Export." Please refer to the picture below:


2. Once you have click "Accounting Export" a browse window that looks like the picture below:

3. Click the Gather Sessions button.  The system will return all deposits as well as AR (by date).  Select the date(s) or accounts receivable (AR) batch you wish to gather and export to your accounting software. You can select more than one session by holding down the control button and highlighting multiple sessions. Once you have selected the date you want, click the "Gather Transactions" button. Text will appear next to the button telling you how many transactions were gathered when it is complete.  Then go to the Reports tab.

4. It is not required to run a report since these are the same reports used during balancing a payment session but if you wish to run a report highlight the desired report and click "Run Selected Report."  A box will appear saying the report data is ready.  Click OK and then the report viewer will appear.  Go to the Export tab when ready.

5. On the Export Tab, click the "Mark transactions for Export" button first.  Optional: If you want to produce a summarized file (not detail) push the Summary button.  Select your accounting program from the export drop down list.  The system will display the path and name of the csv file that will be created.  The typical location is in your Govcollect\accounting export folder.

Remove the check mark from the Export with Effective Date so it will export using your transaction POSTING date.

Push the EXPORT button and the system will tell you when the file is complete.

This screen will display the files you have exported.  You are finished and may close this screen.

You would now import this batch into your accounting general ledger software.