This article will show users how to prepare tran codes for billing.

1. Please refer to the tree on the left hand side of the landing pad. Please refer to "System Setup" and click the "+." This will show you a drop down menu.

2. When you go down the drop down menu please click on "Transaction Code Setup." Please refer to the picture below.


3. Once you click on "Transaction Code Setup" a window with all of your tran codes will appear like the picture below as an example:

4. Scroll down and find the proper tran code you are looking for. In this example we chose #5 or "13PTAX." In the bottom right hand corner users will give the new code a name, so for the year 2014 it would be "14PTAX" because we want to keep it consistent. 

5. Once users have given a new name they will press "Clone." When users hit clone a window will appear like the one below:

6. A couple things to know about the window above which are also highlighted for you.

  • The first item to fill in is "trand code" which users will type in the name they gave the tran code on the window before. In this example it is "14PTAX."
  • "Description on forms" should be filled in, in this example we used "2014 Real Property Tax."
  • "SQL Filter" is what most users forget to change. If you look in the window above it is already changed but normally this  would start as "ASSESS->NERAMT>0AND ASSESS->TAX_YEAR="2013." NOTE: All that needs to be change in the line is "2013" to "2014" or whichever year users are using. 

7. When users have changed the items that were highlighted they will move to the tab called "TIER" on the very bottom of the previous window. Please refer to the picture below:

8. This is where users will change the tax rate. You will see "U"=Usage/Earning and "R"= Rate. 

9. Once users have changed the tax rate go back to the "General" tab or the previous window and make sure to click "Save" and then move on to the next tran code. 

For the next step, which is to generate charges on your accounts please refer to the next article below:

Generate Charges on Accounts  


**If you have further questions on how to prepare transaction codes for billing contact GovCollect Support.