This article will show users how to "generate charges on accounts."

1. Please refer to the tree on the left hand side of the landing pad. Users will go to "Property Tax System" and click on the "+" sign which will show users a drop down menu.

2. Once users see the drop down menu, you will locate "Generate Transactions," click it. Please refer to the picture below:

3. Once you click on "generate transactions" users will be asked to log back in because some users perform different tasks. This is what the window below is referring to.

4. When users log back in a window will appear that looks like the one below.

5. There are a couple things to know about this window.

  • Click on the transaction code you wish to produce transactions for, in this example it is "14PTAX-2014 Real Property Tax."
  • "Date Due" is the date that is due. "Date Past" is the last good day. 
  • "Date Start" and the "Date End" is as usual, the actual starting and ending dates
  • "Assessment Code" needs to be filled out, which the name is given through the import assessment.
  • Last, "14PTAX-ASSESS->NETAMT>0.ASSESS-.TAX_YEAR="2014" is highlighted because this is the tran code name that was cloned or created when you prepared your transaction codes for billing. If you do not know how to prepare transaction codes for billing please refer to the article below:
Prepare Transaction Codes for Billing

6. Once all the information has been filled out in the window above click "Produce Transactions." A box will appear which will tell users the number of transactions that were performed. Users may want to write that number down to refer to later. 
7. Once you have produced the transactions for that tran code users may go and repeat the process with any other transaction code.

**If you have any further questions regarding generating charges on accounts please contact GovCollect Support.