This article will help users Create Cycle Based Charges

1. Please look at the the tree located on the left hand side of the landing pad. Locate "License and Tax System." Click on the "+" sign and click it. 

2. Once you click on the "+" sign a drop down will appear and users will click "Create Cycle Based Charges." Please refer to the picture below.

3. Once you click on "Create Cycle Based Charges" a window will appear that looks like the one below:

4. Couple things to know about this window:

  • When you choose the system such as "License" and click "Gather Cycles" this will bring up all the cycles within "License" and the status of each such as "Active" or "Suspended" etc. 
  • Next you will see the check box that says "Trancode Description from Service". If users have a special description at the service level for service or a NAICS code then users will want to check this box, if not it will automatically enter a default code.  
  • The "Date Due" is the date that it is due and the "Date Past" which is the last good day before penalty/interest is applied.
  • The "Date Start" and the "Date End" is usually the actual starting and ending service period covered such as the fiscal year.
5. Once you have clicked on your system, clicked on the cycle and status, and entered your dates click "Gather Transactions" 

6. When users go to the "Reports" tab you will select the report you wish to run and select "Run Selected Report." 

7. After you have verified that the transactions gathered are the ones you wish to add to the file click "Add Transactions."  This will move the lines onto the charge screen so you can mail returns and process payments.

8. When you are finished with adding the transactions run the "recalc_silent.exe" for the whole system. 

*If you have further questions contact your GovCollect Support team.