This article will show users how to setup a deposit tran code and apply it to an account.

1. Please refer to the tree on the left side of the landing pad. Users will locate "System Setup" and click the "+." There will be a drop down menu, click "Transaction Code Setup." Please refer to the picture below:

2. When you click on "Transaction Code Setup" a window will appear that looks like the following:

3. Double click the account with the deposit. In this example "55. WT_DEPOSIT." Double click the account and the window will appear below:

4. Once users reach this window, fill out all information as normal, however if this is a deposit tran code you must check the check box that is highlighted in the window above. That check box MUST be checked BEFORE payment for deposit.

NOTE: Tran code names should be unique, in this example we used "WT_DEPOSIT" for "Water Deposit."

**If you have further questions about setting up a tran code for deposits please contact GovCollect Support.