Use this Article to install the server product. (The server install for SQL and nonSQL version is the same.  There are additional steps to attach the SQL SERVER Database.

Server Install Download

After GovCollect has been installed on the server, use the following link to download the workstation install file.

Important Note: When mapping the workstations to the govcollect folder on the server use a Lettered map such as (S:capsoft\govcollect) and not a UNC connection. 

(We have noticed performance issues when not setup as a lettered map. UNC causes issues. )

Workstation installation is easy.

1.  Share the Capsoft folder on the Server with FULL access rights for those using our product. (Perhaps a Group?)

2.  From a workstation map a PERSTANT Drive letter (s:) to the Capsoft Folder on the Server.

3.  Run the workstation install located in the capsoft folder as an Administrator.

4.  You should not need to change anything unless you changed the drive letter. 

5. Click NEXT through the installation.  There is one screen that tells you what it is going to install; Runtime, BDESET, Crystal Reports Runtime and SQL Server Connection.

Click NEXT through all the setup items as the install goes through each component.


1.  When the ODBC Connect program form displays change the Server Name to ENTER YOUR SERVER NAME and press Connect.

2.  The New ODBC Connection will show in the window above.

After setup is complete:

7.  Run the Govcollect Shortcut and see if it works.

*If you have to create your own shortcut, point it to s:\govcollect\govcollect.exe