This article will help users to move a customer out of a utility record making it Vacant. 

1. Search for the account you want to final out.

2. Right click and select Move Out / Final.  The system will make a copy of the account you are on and place the letter F in front of the newly created record so you can work with it.   Example original is UB1 so the FUB1-1 is created. The F is added to the new account so the user knows if it is "Finaled" and the -1 is the stamp of what tenant number it was when finaled. 

3. The system will automatically change the status on the original account to Vacant. so you can Move In someone to the newly vacant account.

4. During the move out / final process of creating a new account, the system will display which records are being copied.  The system will ask you if you want to CLEAR the transactions from the original account to have it ready for the next person that moves in. Answer Yes if you want to clear that history.

5. With the New F account created, in your reports menu you will find a Final List that you can run based upon the date so the staff and go and record the final reading on the meter.  This could be done as a work order as well.  The point is to get the final reading.

6. When the final reading is returned for the finaled account, search for the "F" account, right click and choose ENTER MANUAL READING. 

7. The system will prompt you to enter the due, past and service dates and cycle. Picking the correct cycle will then prompt the system to display any services that match the selected cycle on that account. Enter the ending reading and the system will create the final charges for you. 

8. The system will ask you if you want to update the reading on the original account. Answer Yes or No. 6. 

9. You are finished finaling this account.  You could print a single bill for it or include it in your normal billing print run.

*  To Move In a new customer go to the original account and right click. Select MOVE IN. 7. There are a few things that users need to know on the move in form: A. Enter the move in date. B. Click Select Customer, search for the customer you want. Click on the customer and click the ASSIGN button. Then click Close. C. Update the services by pushing the update button. D. If you collect a deposit, select the deposit trancode from the list and click Apply. E. Click Work Order if you need to create a work ticket. 8. Close the Move In form and you will see the new data on the record.